We are the Greasy Gears!

Greasy Gears from Madison and Rackateers from Chicago, June 2013

In the dark of night ... in a bike shop on the East side of Madison ... bicycle-ridin', go-go-dancin' fiends conjured a spell that was cast over Madison. Glitter and turquoise, sequins and boots, stripes and skirts emerged on a flock of scrapers. Thus the girlicious Greasy Gears were born.

Since that fateful night in 2009, the Gears have delighted audiences with their shakes, shimmers and shimmies, bike throws, twirls and turn-overs.

Bikes and dancing, you might ask. Why, yes! Across the U.S. bike dance troupes have been springing up. You can read the Modern History of the Bike-Dance Team or learn more about scrapers, the BMX bikes we use in our dances.

The Greasy Gears are Madison's own contribution to this phenomena. You can catch us at bike events, neighborhood festivals and the like -- or, we may just appear where you least expect us.

Gotta Go-Go! Glitter on!